Lake's Comix is a part time side project I've had gnawing at the back of my mind for... well years now. There are two main focuses of the blog; 1: For my origional ideas to be seen and critisised by whomever would like to comment or give feedback. and 2: to display any other work I decide to display albeit redesigns of my favorite comic book heroes and villians, or a revisit to a commonly known idea or story.

Please enjoy!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Captain America: Bullet Proof

my project rooftop submission for the Cap Re-design


  1. Cool design, don't think steve rogers would wear it but looks good all the same.

  2. Just hope he doesn't impale him self on that chest star when he tries to tie his shoe laces :-)

  3. lol yea I didn't do too hot on the shading there... the point conforms to the neck... I was runnin' out of time... alos forgot to shade his groin area in my hurry... You know what they say, "You are your best critic."